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So I'm out of roadmaps. For life. For my life. I followed the school, career, marriage, raise kids roadmaps for years but I've reached...

Done Waiting for Inspiration

I haven't written in a while because I've been waiting for inspiration. I'm done. It may never come. So now what? Not write? Not try?...

Nobody Has to Die of Covid

We’re all going to die of something, but nobody has to die of covid. Because of human ingenuity, because of the covid vaccines. The...

Conversation Drift

You’re talking about one subject and suddenly you find you’re on an entirely different subject altogether. Maybe it’s more serious,...

The Gear Theory of Parenting

Get in a serious relationship, maybe move in together, maybe marry, your lives change some but not a seismic shift. That comes when you...

Saving is Hard, Investing is Easy

If you’re able to save any money for investing, congratulations, that’s the hard part. Before you can invest, you have to save.

Simplicity over Stuff

We lean towards simplicity over stuff. It's about enjoying what you have and having time to spend on things you want, not on stuff you don't

Swimming is Not a Solitary Sport

The common thread is the role swimming plays in our lives, a sport where everyone is accepted and can just be themselves.

Locker Room Ladies

The locker room is the liveliest part of swimming laps. That's where the stories come out...

The Stranger on the Plane

I told the man that I had come from Chicago from the funeral of my husband’s 28-year cousin who was killed in a Marine helicopter crash.

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