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There’s A Reason Ants Carry Things in Teams, It's Lighter That Way

There’s a reason ants carry things in teams, it's lighter that way. It's one of my expressions that I’ve said over the years, as a lawyer, as a parent, as a friend. Analogies and expressions are my communication short-cuts and sometimes someone will say I have to remember that, so here are a few:

You need to pilot your own plane before you can find a co-pilot.

Work first, play second. Caveat, play along the way.

You have to give energy to get energy.

Swim in your own lane, set your own pace, run your own race.

I was so sick when I was pregnant I could have been a walking birth-control ad.

You don’t have to enter every event, and neither does your kid.

"Walk slowly to the gate," like the Reverend Mother said in the Sound of Music with the Nazis approaching. When faced with a crisis or important decision, sometimes it's helpful to slow down.

My father had a good death, he wasn't sick for long, he lived till he died. He was sick such a short time that for some of his friends, even close ones, we were calling to both say that he had terminal cancer and that he had died. I think when he saw the finish line, he ran for it.

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